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CUTVAC Data Governance Model

Microsoft Fabric Business Intelligence

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One-Stop Shop

Wrksquare offers a comprehensive solution for all data analytics needs

Patent-Pending Technology

Trust our endorsed platform for tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements

Data Analytics Fabric

Wrksquare integrates multiple systems for easy access to data.

Empowered by AI/ML

Advanced insights and predictions with AI/ML technology.

Deep Tech

Our analytics platform utilizes cutting-edge technology for accurate insights.

Industry Algorithms

Includes 100+ high-efficacy algorithms designed for all types of data.

Our Solution !

WrkSquare is a Managed Analytics as a Service Platform that helps you streamline and enhance your business operations with one solution.

  • Resilient Solution

    Improve your stakeholder collaboration with dashboards and data analysis tools that provide actionable insights.

  • Cost Effective

    Leverage cloud native innovation to lower your operational costs, improve your efficiency, and reduce your working capital.

  • Customer Centric

    Manage your customer experience with a customer 360 dashboard that gives you a holistic view of your customers..

About Us !

Wrksquare is a data-driven platform offering a no-code real-time data analytics solution. With our Managed Analytics as a service(MAaaS), users can upload data easily from any source and format, generating Power BI dashboards in minutes. We provide a variety of dashboards like sales, operations, and finance, giving valuable customer insights for business growth.

How we create Value !

As a digital representation of your business, WrkSquare gives you visibility, intelligent insights and the data required to take action.

Visualizing Data

To Find Actionable Insights

  • Interactive KPIs, Dashboards, and Reports for data visualization.
  • Identify cross-sell and upselling opportunities.
  • Focus on high pay-off customers and products.
  • Uncovering insights, shaping strategies.
  • Real-time sales and margin visualization to increase revenue.
  • Access comprehensive customer data for tailored experiences.
  • Determine which products attract new customers.
  • Analyze customer churn and implement retention strategies.

Make the right choice for
your business !

At WrkSquare, we believe in simplicity. Choose from our Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum plans to access the data analytics power your business requires. No hidden costs, just straightforward pricing tailored to your goals."

Pricing starts at $99/month


Recommended for

  • Track 5 metrics/month

  • Excel template upload

  • Insights and benchmarking

  • Basic dashboard templates

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Get valuable insights
at any level

  • Excel and SQL integration

  • Advanced data visualization

  • Track 10 metrics/month

  • Priority customer support

  • Data warehouse integration

  • Customizable dashboards

Includes all features from BRONZE PLAN


Supercharge your

  • 360-degree business view

  • Robust data governance

  • Footfall analytics

  • Custom dashboard integration

  • Dedicated data engineer support

Includes all features from SILVER PLAN


Tailored solutions for
larger companies

  • API integration

  • Generative AI for predictive analytics

  • Store Loss Prevention technology

  • Extended data governance

  • 24x7 customer support

  • Custom dashboards with autorefresh

Includes all features from GOLD PLAN

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